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About Us

What makes us different

FYMC was built with the certainty of conviction that creativity is necessary in every single aspect of the business paradigm.

“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” David Ogilvy.

That is true in any process intended to gain strategic insights into all those across the intellectual and emotional divides. Equally true and necessary for those of us who happily toil at influencing, no, provoking thoughts and actions in others. It matters not if creating needs, making calls to action, climbing empirical or perceived Sagarmathas, resolving intellectual Rubik’s cubes, selling ice in the Arctic, in the dead of winter.

First and foremost, we are a creative marketing, advertising and corporate governance powerhouse. Everything we address for our clients is framed in a creative process. Our processes are designed to deliver powerful, finely tuned thought and action provoking messages to select audiences through strategic digital, terrestrial and esoteric advertising placements.

Mediocrity reflects a lack of courage and conviction. Ordinary is very easy to achieve. We built an agency from the ground up, both organically and empirically, to leverage our extensive experience and competencies to create unique ideas and processes for our clients. There will never be anything ordinary about our approach to clients, issues, opportunities, crises, celebrations.

Our identity

Our longevity and broad competencies speak to what we do for our clients.

We are often our clients’ first and last contact about their opportunities, challenges and sometimes their dreams.

About Us

All that we do accrues to thoughtful, intelligent, predictable and sustainable revenue and equity generating events and solutions for our clients.

We are adamant about delivering unique advantages in the marketplace for our clients.

Our Clients

... partial list of present and past clients.

  • Allied Marketing Group
  • AOL/Time Warner
  • Atlantic Coast Media Group
  • Beverly Coach Craft
  • Body By Jake Enterprises
  • Bradford Group/Bradford Exchange
  • CBS
  • CollectiblesToday.com
  • Craftmatic
  • cTOADS
  • David Oreck Candle Company
  • Disney Hall & Hollywood Bowl Association
  • eDebitpay
  • EyeFive
  • Franklin Mint
  • Frederick's Of Hollywood
  • Fresh Cartons
  • Guthy Renker
  • Hamilton Collection
  • HealthMax
  • HydroDerm
  • IKEA
  • Image Imports AG
  • JG Wentworth/Peachtree Fn.
  • JustFab
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Kluge Interactive
  • Kraft
  • Lenox
  • Limoges
  • Loeb Enterprises
  • Los Angeles Philharmonic
  • Marketing Capital
  • Medicare.com
  • MedEx Publishing
  • Migralex
  • MBM Company, Inc.
  • NBC
  • Netflix
  • Omaha Steaks
  • 1 800 Flowers
  • P&G
  • PMD Personal Microderm
  • PlasmaNet, Inc./FreeLotto
  • Provide-commerce (PRVD)
  • Publishers Clearing House
  • RAPP
  • Rickard2
  • Sears
  • Shoedazzle
  • Shopkick
  • Singer Direct
  • Sony Pictures
  • Specialists Marketing Services
  • Sunsetter Awnings
  • Sweepstakes Clearing House
  • Telebrands
  • Teleflora®
  • Thompson Cigar
  • Time Warner
  • Toyota
  • Tracy-Locke
  • Universal Music Distribution (all labels)
  • University Of Phoenix
  • Vantage Media
  • Vendare
  • WebMD
  • WhiteHat Media
  • Zsigmond Kiraly Foiskola

What We Do

Online and offline advertising and marketing agency

$40 Billion revenues generated.

Primary focus on Direct Response Marketing.


  • 500 offers and creatives in the space
  • Billions of digital messages delivered annually


  • 1,000+ offers, creatives, promotions, incentive involvement devices in the space
  • 4.5 Billion promotional direct mail pieces mailed
  • $350 Million spent in direct mail and specialty direct response media

Creative, production, implementation

  • Concept creation and development
  • Audio, video, broadcast and mobile assets
  • Design and copy - testing and rollouts
  • Print, broadcast, web-based and video asset management
  • Analytics
  • CRM
  • Predictive performance models
  • Decision making models - Manning Relevancy Conversion Model ®


  • Market research, segmentation and targeting
  • Media planning, buying and management - tests and rollouts
  • Cross-platform and cross-brand marketing
  • Media channels and verticals
    • email
    • display and contextual
    • specialty media
    • broadcast (radio, TV, streaming)
    • terrestrial mail
    • space advertising
    • social media
    • SEO/SEM
    • esoteric media


Extend commerce and content across all media.

  • Maximize reach and efficiency
  • Content strategy and integration
  • Integrated brand marketing
  • Branded response
  • Digital and terrestrial direct response
  • ROI optimization


FYMC leverages its competencies, experience, extensive resources and relationships in multiple industries, in extensive geographies for the benefit of its clients.


  • Advertising, marketing, product/service development -- concept to analytics
  • Legal review, regulatory agency compliance and communication
  • Authoring materials for the benefit and use of senior management and for publication
  • Corporate processes: structure, leadership, operations and logistics, management, positioning
  • Human and hard assets deployment and management, capitalization, investment/divestment
  • Strategies, business development, governance
  • Conflict resolution
  • Public speaking
Advisory Services


  • Frame the relationship between our clients and FYMC.
  • Study the requirements of our clients’ businesses, including corporate governance requirements and sensitivities, merchandising, advertising, customer acquisition, marketing and media plans, re-marketing and CRM matrices.
  • Analyze and evaluate historical results by product/service, creative approach, media channel.
  • Quantify and qualify impact of advertising and marketing when the project is institutional.
  • Quantify brand requirements, acceptable levels of risk, corporate sensitivities.
  • Review advertising, marketing, merchandising, services and logistical assets.
  • Establish goals and budgets.
  • Build a go forward marketing/media model.
  • Create products, services and institutional offers; build marketing materials when appropriate.
  • Create promotions, involvement devices, games of chance and skill when appropriate.
  • Identify and qualify best service providers and business partners.
  • Execute approved plan.
  • Create comprehensive reporting relationships and tools.

About Steven J. Manning

  • Steven J. Manning

    Steven J. Manning

    solutions architect

    If it is about your business and how we add a turbo-booster to it ...

    The DOS EQUIS MAN has Manning on speed dial!

    Read complete bio
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Steven J. Manning

Solutions Architect

Steven J. Manning is an internationally-known business leader, advisor, author, public speaker and broadcaster. He is a founder, CEO, Principal, General Manager and Board Member of a number of enterprises in the US and Europe. He is credited with the origination of prominent creative and empirical concepts, targeting data base concepts, media strategies, promotional concepts, incentive devices and channels, and decision-making predictive techniques. All those are widely used in the marketing world. He has generated tens of billions of dollars in revenue of consumer products, services and consultative endeavors. Steve has been active in the digital world since the invention of commercial applications in the space.

In addition to successful owned and operated enterprises, he has generated revenue for and has been a principal advisor to many major global brands in a number of arenas including marketing, advertising, corporate governance and conflict resolution. Those include: CBS, Disney, DirectTV, Guthy Renker, IKEA, Provide Commerce, Kimberly-Clark, NBC, Netflix, WebMD, SONY, Telebrands, Time Warner, Toyota, LG, UMG, Milton Friedman University, as well as other Fortune 50 enterprises (including a Global 5) who do not want their advisors named publicly. In the aggregate, he has generated tens of billion dollars in revenues.

His professional and personal relationships span the world. Those include captains of industry, world-renown educators, authors and thought-leaders, sports personalities.

Steve is an astute observer of people, society, business, politics, academia, history and all matter of trends that affect all those. He writes and speaks extensively on pillars of success, economics, advertising, marketing, conflict resolution, writing, leadership, management, politics, social constructs, history, politics and more, to various audiences including professional groups and institutes of higher learning.

His latest book, The Business of Life. Taking a wrecking ball to conventions and norms, in search of independent thought, was just published by The Access Group/Bookboon Learning. The first book of its kind by the largest publisher of business content in the world. His book preceding that, Pimps Whores And Patrons Of Virtue is highly acclaimed around the world. Next: Explaining Bitcoin To Buddhist Monks: So many things, events, served up in all media ways, are just incomprehensible. Might as well try explaining Bitcoin to Buddhist monks. Also, Thanks Oscar (Wilde), are in the works.

Email: sjmanning@fymc.com
Phone: 310.402.6666
Websites: stevenjmanning.comfymc.com

Duncan C. Crookston

Chief Operating Officer

Duncan is Chief Operating Officer and member of the FYMC team since June 2002. No. He is not just beach-boot-camp, hockey and volleyball player, skier, runner, quality gym iron-man. He also pushes the buttons to manage and facilitate all operational aspects of the offers FYMC promotes, including logistics from campaign conception to completion. He also participates in the creative process as well as providing desktop support to the staff.

Duncan is a seasoned veteran in the online world, with experience that spans the entire spectrum of online advertising. His exceptional knowledge of the online direct marketing arena comes from his years as email list manager and marketer for a number of well know online and bricks and mortar companies.

In his spare time, and the company makes a half-hearted effort to create spare time for him, Duncan “relaxes” by coaching and playing in an adult hockey league, playing beach volleyball and finding increasingly more challenging ways to positively abuse his body. Much of the time in Manhattan Beach, California.

Mimi Silcock

Business Development & Traffic

Mimi is a genuine direct response veteran, with over 20 years immersed in various aspects of management in that discipline. Her experience and expertise are aggregated from working in multiple areas for various direct response enterprises, including: media management and brokerage, large database builders and marketers and media buying agencies. Her start was in finance, with primary focus on reconciling media spends and budgets. No need to ask around if this terrific human resource is in the office yet. The gazillion horsepower beast she drives announces her arrival from blocks away. Unless she is on the back of the family Harley, with her husband passing everybody in sight. And yet, we let her make deals for us....

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