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About the Data

FYMC Data Marketing & Management has under management over 220 Million records of U.S. consumers, housed in a number of individual data files and databases, and unique data sets. In addition to select data bases and lists, FYMC manages and markets the NATIONAL MARKETING FILE®.

The National Marketing File

This powerful database has been built and refined for nearly three decades. Over 300 unique sources contribute data to the file, including major and regional financial institutions, major and specialty retailers, and direct response marketers. All the data in the NATIONAL MARKETING FILE® is self reported. None of the data is inferred or derived through any other means.

The backbone of this database of over 200 Million consumers is an all inclusive, comprehensive credit card based data set that is without equal in both breadth and accuracy. Added to that wealth of marketable knowledge are over 500 data attributes derived from external sources. Every attribute added to the file is multi-sourced, making those exceptionally robust.

Here you will find an abbreviated list of demographic, psychographic and lifestyle attributes available.


FYMC’s ability to drill into this exceptional database down to individual prospects to target consumer segments from the broadest to the narrowest and most discerning verticals yields truly targeted and powerful data sets for our many clients.

Data Cards

Here you will find Data Cards on the most often requested files.

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